Why a Malta foundation is a great vehicle to manage your wealth

Deciding upon an investment vehicle structure and location is a key decision for every investor and wealth manager to make. Although there are quite a few high-quality options available, many investors struggle to find the best corporate structure and suitable jurisdiction in which to manage their investments.

In our practice, a question that comes up fairly regularly is what is the most suitable place to set up an investment vehicle? The answer lies in an integrated wealth planning and investment approach that seeks to help clients (and advisors) understand the framework of corporate structuring, and the legislation of different jurisdictions.

One of the most valuable aspects of being part of the trustee and wealth management services community is being able to interact with so many people who are interested in setting up structures for investing.

We believe in our practice and learning from other people’s experiences.It’s a lot easier to avoid mistakes you watch other people make than to deal with the consequences of making those mistakes yourself. The same is true when choosing the right jurisdiction and structure for managing your wealth.

Many clients have seen their investments, wealth and savings grow over the decades so they can enjoy financial independence. The foundation of sound financial planning is a proper investment structure that suits your personal situation. When your family, finances, and future are on the line,it pays to listen. All you need to do is ask for professional advice.

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Choose an Investment Structure that Suits You

Experienced investors know that investing in financial products involve staking risk. They also know that diversification across asset classes and compound interest are the only free lunch in this business.

However, before drafting your investment strategy, you should take time and contemplate an investment structure that best meets your needs.Defining a suitable structure for holding your portfolio may be more complex than it first seems.

Although every investor’s tax and financial situation is different, we’ll now share some general thoughts that can help guide you through those issues as you discuss them with your tax lawyers, family members and trusted financial advisors.

As an investor, you need to know the answers to three important questions:

1 What investment structure suits you best?

The answer largely depends on your tax residency, age, retirement plans, family situation, estate planning goals, the level of asset protection required, as well as your chosen investment strategy.

2 What jurisdiction suits your investment vehicle best?

All of these jurisdictions have a lot to offer in terms of tax-favoured solutions, efficient corporate structuring, as well as other benefits.

3 Which brokerage firms or banks should you use for stock picks and other financial instruments?

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution here, one of the best set up is Malta Private Foundation (also known as Family Foundation), with a brokerage account at one of the global trading platforms with transparent rates and low commission, like Interactive Brokers (IBKR).

Here are 17 reasons why a Malta Private Foundation is the best solution for you:

Taxes do matter while choosing your investment vehicle. Malta has created an extremely flexible tax and structuring legal framework for private foundations. As an investor and founder of the Foundation you may choose whether it’s taxed as a company or opt for tax transparency. You may opt for a foundation to be irrevocable or revocable, discretionary,or non-discretionary. The Maltese legal system creates huge planning opportunities.

Smart tax planning can boost the size of your assets dramatically, so it’s definitely worth doing. But you shouldn’t let taxes drive your entire decision-making process!

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The Non-Tax Benefits of Malta

On top of its many tax advantages, Malta boasts other nice benefits:

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Malta has a highly developed corporate and trustee service providers’ industry and marketplace. If you’re looking to establish a foundation or trust in Malta, Pro Trust is ready and waiting to help.

The Bottom Line: Malta is a Great Option for Investors

To summarise, of the many currently available options, Malta is a great solution for investors. This is especially the case for family wealth and estate planning for future generations.

With a Malta Foundation, subject to certain rules, you don’t have to pay taxes on dividends or capital gains on earnings. Even better, distributions from Malta foundations aren’t subject to tax, either. That potentially makes it possible to zero-out your tax liability no matter how well your investments do.

In the end, it’s important to focus on making the most from your investments. We encourage you to start investing today. The magic of compound interest takes time. The sooner you start investing the better. Make good choices, and happy investing!

Let Us Help You Get Started

Setting up a Malta Foundation couldn’t be more straightforward, thanks to our dedicated team.

Our tailored package covers all aspects of foundation establishment in Malta, including:

Foundation registration takes as little as a couple of weeks. The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) number is required of legal entities participating in financial transactions and portfolio management. It takes a couple of days to get it.

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