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Why you might need fiduciary shareholding?

The simple answer is privacy.

The identity of shareholders of Malta companies is information that could be accessed through Malta Business Register.

However, shares in Malta Companies may also be held confidentially on behalf of beneficial owner by a licensed fiduciary company.

A fiduciary company holds shares in its name but for the benefit of another person, corporate body, trust or foundation.

Pro Trust Limited has such a fiduciary license issued by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority).

This allows Pro Trust Limited hold shares on behalf of the ultimate beneficial owners and be shown as shareholders of a Malta Company both in Corporate Documents and the Malta Business Register website.

does it work?

Unlike a trustee, a fiduciary has no discretion about the use of the asset and can only act in accordance with instructions from the beneficial owner.

The beneficial owner remains the real and exclusive owner of the assets. A fiduciary agreement would lay down and regulate the relative rights and obligations of both the fiduciary company and the beneficial owner of the assets in question.

Therefore by using a fiduciary service you gain some degree of confidentiality and privacy while remaining the legal owner of assets.

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